Silent Sunday: Deep Winter

Silent Sunday: Deep Winter

IMG_7007w (1)
False Blue Indigo Seed Pods in Winter, © Carol Labuzzetta
Adirondack  Chairs at Lake, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Winter Scene on a Drive, © Carol Labuzzetta
Dorm at Iowa State in the Snow, © Carol Labuzzetta
Timm’s Hill Trail, Northern Wisconsin, © Carol Labuzzetta


IMG_7000w (1)
Evergreen Bough, © Carol Labuzzetta
Weekly WPC: Tour Guide, My Town, My Yard

Weekly WPC: Tour Guide, My Town, My Yard

Let me be your tour guide! The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Tour Guide. We are challenged to show photos of where we live and give a little insight on why we love it so much! I think my photos speak for themselves!

In this first shot, you have a  panoramic view of the New Amsterdam Grasslands. It is a conserved piece of property within the town limits and is the nesting habitat for countless birds, some of which are threatened or endangered. I love it because our town, in West Central Wisconsin, has grown by leaps and bounds in the last twenty years. It is one of the fastest growing areas of our state! I am so pleased to be part of a community that conserves its natural resources and wide open spaces!


The second photograph shows one of my many perennial beds in my yard. This one  is kidney-shaped and very large. We put it in one of the first years we lived here. It is very colorful and has an iron bench that sits facing our house. I get a lot of satisfaction from weeding this garden, as it is easy to maintain and has some of my favorite plants like liatris, Russian Sage, Jacob’s Ladder, and Karl Forster Grass. The choke cherry shrub provides food for the birds.


One of the things I love the most about where I live is the beautiful sunrises as seen here, and the equally beautiful sunsets.  Both are gorgeous! But, I found that gazing at a multi-colored sky, early in the morning is a great way to start the day!


This is our barn and  maple tree  a couple of years ago, in the fall. Sadly, the cornfield is no longer there, as it has been recently replaced by a new housing track.


We are lucky enough to have a home fruit orchard, pictured here. Although maintaining the fruit trees is a lot of work, it is fun to harvest the fruit and share our bounty with others. We have apples, sour cherries, pears, and plums in our orchard. There are about 35 trees in all. Last fall we had a cider making party with friends which is going to become an annual tradition.

fruit trees

As well as beautiful sunrises, we often have rainbows over the coulees. I love the vibrancy of colors shown in this scene that I captured this past year. It looks over our backyard towards the neighbors and bluffs.


As you can tell, one of things I most appreciate about where I live is the natural beauty.

Thanks for letting me be your Tour Guide of West Central Wisconsin, U.S.A..

It is a great place to live and well worth a visit!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Silent Sunday: Flowers of 2017

Silent Sunday: Flowers of 2017


Limelight Hydrangea, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Butterfly Bush, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017

Milkweed species in my yard: Common Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed, and Rose Milkweed. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.

Fall Mums, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Lilacs on Iowa State Campus in May, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Hoary Vervain
Hoary Puccoon, on the Prairie in Trempealeau, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017 

Above: My growing orchid collection.Newest (yellow) to oldest (fuchsia, re-bloom)

Bleeding Heart, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Liatris, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
front clematis
Clematis, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite Photos

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite Photos

Below are my submissions to the end of the year WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for 2017: Favorite Photos.



Minnesota Sky on July 31st, © Carol Labuzzetta
first tag of the 2017 season
Tagged 25 Monarch Butterflies this year. One of the last to go this fall. © Carol Labuzzetta
Bermuda House and Lighthouse from the Harbor, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Inside the Light House after climbing over 180 stairs. The Lens. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
watermarked coneflower17
Coneflower on the Prairie. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
kwik trip cow
On I-90.  A Huge Cow on a Trailer. Only in Wisconsin – The Dairy State! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, South Hampton Bermuda, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
HorseshoeBayBeach Bermuda17wm
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda at Dusk. Pink Sand and Sky. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Wide Open Spaces. New Amsterdam Prairie. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
The Sky. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
A Street in St. George, Bermuda. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Grandma’s African Violet lives on well after she is gone. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Bountiful Blueberry Harvest, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Monarch eggs were found plentiful in my own backyard, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
Monarch Chrysalis,© Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
End of the Year on the Deck, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.


Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

November Sunrise over the Coulee, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Alone on the Lake, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
Cabin Dock at Sunset on Hultman Lake,  © Carol Labuzzetta
Summer Seat, ©  Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Summer Seat at the Cabin,  © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
Na Pali Coast Beach on Kauai, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2013
HorseshoeBayBeach Bermuda17wm
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Resting in Peace, Long Coulee Cemetary, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
New Amsterdam Grasslands, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Sunset on Hultman Lake, © Carol Labuzzetta
Taro Fields on Kauai, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2013
Basking Monk Seal, Kauai, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2013
Pink Sunset, Kauai, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2013

Inspired by the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene


Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Here are my submissions for this week’s Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek.

If you hover over the photo, the caption will come up and will give you some information about how I interpreted the word peek for each of my photos! Enjoy!

IMG_9232via Photo Challenge: Peek

A “peek” into the geocache box found on an island near our lake cabin.
George is always watching over us. And Lincoln “peeks” through the trees.                                         © Carol Labuzzetta, 2010
“Peeking” in Custer State Park, South Dakota, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2010.
The sun “peeks” over the clouds on Christmas Day, 2015, atop Haleakala Volcano, Maui.                   © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
A peek out the window of the Washington Monument yields this view. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
Weekly Word Press Photo Challenge: Rounded

Weekly Word Press Photo Challenge: Rounded

These are my submissions to the Weekly Word Press Photo Challenge on Rounded. What I found was there is roundedness in nature and roundedness that is man-made. Enjoy!

Architecture in Washington, D.C. from Old Postal Pavillon, 2010
WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Barrel Cactus, Balboa Park, San Diego, 2012
Clock Face
Water Wheel, 2011, Mississippi River Cruise